Washington Elementary School

Students: 550-650 pre-school, kindergarten, first, second and third grade students and primary EMH children.

Staff: Principal, 30 teachers, one counselor, secretary, custodians, cooks, reading aides, special education aides.

Curriculum: First through third grade programs, including reading, math, writing, social studies, science, physical education, spelling, music, library and art; in addition to special education, media and gifted programs.

Special Events: Christmas and Spring music programs; 100th Day Celebration; annual student enrichment programs.

Washington Elementary School was built in the 1960s and has been well-maintained during its years of service to the children of our community. Skylights and enclosed court areas enhance the natural light in the building, which features spacious hallways used to display student work. An outstanding playground, accomplished through the efforts of a supportive parents organization, lends itself hot lunches are served in the combination cafeteria/gymnasium.

Washington Elementary
West Condit Street

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