heath_bear.jpgFrom Greek to English

The most popular recipe he shared was for "Trail-Toffee" carried over from an enterprise operated by a Greek candy-maker in Champaign, Illinois. The Heath Brothers, especially Bayard, the eldest, who was particularly interested in the candy-making aspect of the business, took this basic recipe of butter, sugar and almonds cooked together and developed it further. In 1928, after many months of trial and error, the brothers declared their formula for "English Toffee" to be "America's Finest," and dubbed it Heath English Toffee.

This confection grew in popularity and word quickly spread that the Heath Brothers Confectionery was the one and only place to get the delicious "English Toffee." This was the era of the oil boom in southern Illinois, and many travelers came in and out of the city. It was traditional to take Heath English Toffee with them when departing. On return visits, they came with instructions from their friends and families to "bring home some of that delicious toffee."