Commitment to Professionalism

 September 21, 1984, marked the cumulation of a commitment made in 1970 by family ownership to professional management. As all operating positions within the corporation were filled with professional managers, the commitment became a reality.

The '80s were years of growth and change for L. S. Heath and Sons. Soft 'n Crunchy, a new form of Heath English Toffee, was introduced in 1985. It was developed to appeal to those consumers who liked toffee, but preferred a softer confection instead of the hard toffee center of Original Heath English Toffee.

The Heath Toffee Ice Cream Bar, produced under a licensee arrangement with numerous dairies thought the country since its inception, was changed to become a contract-manufactured item. Fewer than 10 dairies were contracted to produce the Heath Toffee Ice Cream Bar and its new companion product, the Heath Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich.

Most significant in the growth of the company during the '80s was the Industrial Division, established to supply other manufacturers who used Heath toffee and other flavors as additions to their own ice cream, baked goods, or other desert products. Especially successful were the Heath Blizzard of International Dairy Queen, Heath Bar Crunch of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream of Vermont, and Heath Spooners of Burger King.

It was also during the '80s that Heath expanded outside of the United States. Futaba Foods of Japan became the first international licensee of the Heath Toffee Ice Cream Bar.

Retail sales methods took a dramatic change from the traditional broker approach in 1986 when the first direct sales force was hired and established to represent Heath in the state of Indiana. Additional direct sales territories followed in Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Florida and Wisconsin.